The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Learning Disabilities

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The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Learning Disabilities

When my youngest child was diagnosed with a learning disability, I immediately started looking for everything I could learn about it. I knew that there was a lot of information available about the disability, but I found a lot of conflicting information about what works and does not work in dealing with the disability. I talked to a few other parents and they were left feeling the same confusion I was. I started this blog to help other parents understand what treatment options are available and what has and has not worked. I hope that by sharing this information, other families will get the help they need.


Help Your Child Master The Skills Necessary To Acquire Their Drivers License

If your child is learning how to drive and is anxious to acquire their license, the following tips may help them master the skills that are needed to remain safe on the road and may help them pass their driving test on their first attempt.

Driving Lessons

Sign your child up for driving lessons at an accredited school. A driving instructor will ride with your child while they are on the road and will instruct them on how to navigate through traffic and drive safely during different weather conditions. If your child handles the vehicle improperly during one of their lessons, they will be redirected and given an explanation as to what they did wrong so that they are not as likely to make the same mistake during future lessons.

Your child may also spend time receiving lessons in a classroom setting. Encourage your child to take notes during each session so that they can study them at home on a regular basis. Once your child passes the course that they participated in, they may feel more confident while driving and have the tools necessary to help them ace their driving test.

Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in a parking lot that includes cones for your child to drive around and road signs for them to obey. Ride in the passenger seat of the vehicle that your child is driving as they attempt to navigate their way through the course.

Carry a notebook with you so that you can write down any driving skills that you feel your child needs to work on. Once they have completed the course, discuss how you well you think they drove and encourage them to continue practicing. Once your child masters the course, move the cones and signs to different locations in order to continue challenging your child and helping them gain driving experience.

Flashcard Game

Prepare a flashcard game that will quiz your child about their knowledge of road signs, basic traffic laws, and safety procedures. Write down questions and answers on opposite sides of flashcards or pieces of card stock.

After your child is quizzed several times, they may find that they aren't having trouble retaining the information that is listed on each card. In order to encourage your child to strive hard to answer the questions correctly, offer them an incentive, such as a small reward if they are able to provide a correct response to all of the questions that they are asked.

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