The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Learning Disabilities

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The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Learning Disabilities

When my youngest child was diagnosed with a learning disability, I immediately started looking for everything I could learn about it. I knew that there was a lot of information available about the disability, but I found a lot of conflicting information about what works and does not work in dealing with the disability. I talked to a few other parents and they were left feeling the same confusion I was. I started this blog to help other parents understand what treatment options are available and what has and has not worked. I hope that by sharing this information, other families will get the help they need.


Choosing A Preschool: Two Common Questions New Parents Need Answered

Balancing the demands of your professional and family life can seem like an almost impossible task for many parents. This is especially true for those who work for companies that do not provide daycare services for parents. Unfortunately, choosing the perfect daycare center for your child can be a daunting and stressful task. Sadly, this task can be made even more difficult when parents have very little knowledge or experience with preschools. Learning the answers to a couple of questions may help make this part of your parental responsibilities a little easier. 

Do All Preschools Have The Same Approach To Education?

Many new parents may think that a preschool is simply a place for your child to be supervised while you are at work. However, this is not the case, and these institutions play a vital role in preparing your child for the rigorous academic challenges they will be facing. Yet, it should be noted that every preschool may have a slightly different approach to this goal. 

For example, there are some institutions that will emphasize socialization and problem-solving skills through creative activities and team exercises. In contrast, other preschools may take a more formal approach to educating the children. To find the right preschool for your child, you will need to carefully consider the unique needs and personality of your child and compare it against the philosophies of any prospective preschools you are considering. 

What Is included With Your Child's Tuition?

It is no secret that a quality preschool can be a major expense for families, but this is an expense that is usually unavoidable. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for you to get a good deal when it comes to choosing a preschool. 

There are many schools that offer their students a range of benefits at no additional cost to the parents. As an example, there are some preschools that may include field trips, lunches, school supplies and textbooks in the tuition. In contrast, some schools may provide almost nothing else with the tuition payment. An easy way of comparing these offerings is by making a spreadsheet that includes the cost of tuition and the benefits included on each row. This will make it easier for you compare these offerings without having to constantly flip back and forth between various school pamphlets and documents.  

When it comes time to enroll your child in a preschool like the Miniapple International Montessori School, you may feel an intense amount of stress and unease over this process. In addition to making the best choice for your child, it is also important to consider the financial factors that go into this choice. By understanding the importance of matching a preschool's education philosophy with your child's needs and comparing the various benefits included with the tuitions, you can help ensure that you choose the perfect preschool for you and your child's needs.