The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Learning Disabilities

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The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Learning Disabilities

When my youngest child was diagnosed with a learning disability, I immediately started looking for everything I could learn about it. I knew that there was a lot of information available about the disability, but I found a lot of conflicting information about what works and does not work in dealing with the disability. I talked to a few other parents and they were left feeling the same confusion I was. I started this blog to help other parents understand what treatment options are available and what has and has not worked. I hope that by sharing this information, other families will get the help they need.


3 Important Things To Consider When Looking For Child Care

As a parent, you may not always be able to watch your child. Whether it's because of work or school, you need someone to care for your child. In order to find the right care for them, these things are important to consider

Day-Care Centers vs. Babysitters

The first thing you should think about is if you want your child to be put in a day-care center, or if you want them to be taken care of by a babysitter. There are pros and cons to both.

Day-care centers are going to be more expensive, but they offer structured, formal environments. Your child's activities are pre-planned, so you know what they are going to be doing each day. There are going to be other children at these centers.

You may want your child to receive more personal attention, which is where a babysitter would be better. You can interview people before they are hired, and can determine their pay. This may be a more affordable option.

Caregiver Qualifications

Whatever type of care you are getting for your child, it's absolutely critical that you review the caregiver's qualifications. If you are using a day-care center, make sure to see what type of qualifications and certifications the staff has. One of the most important is CPR certified.

If you are getting help from a babysitter, ask them questions and see how long they have worked as a babysitter. It's a good idea to get help from someone that has a lot of experience with children, as they will be more adept in handling complex issues. You may even want to look for babysitters with college degrees that revolve around children and child care.

Stay Involved

Perhaps the most important aspect of child care is staying involved as much as possible. Schedule meetings with the day-care center or babysitter to see how your child is doing. Being active in child care can also help ease your child's apprehension, as they will feel like you have their best interests in mind. 

It's vital to make sure your child doesn't have any bruises or cuts after they have been cared for. If you suspect abuse, you should immediately report it to the police and call a child abuse hotline. 

If you work a lot or have to attend class, you may not be able to watch your child. For this instance, you can get help from child care services. In order to find the right place for your child, the things above can be considered. For more information, contact a child care center such as Rainbow School, Inc.